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What I Stand For:

I’m a Canadian born gal who now lives in the PNW with my husband and rescue pup, Gertie.

To me a life worth living is one where you are constantly tuning yourself to the worlds good and it’s beauty. I aim to live a life of slowness and intention.

After being on a whole body health journey for the last few years, I decided to make this blog.

Some of my favorite real life conversations with friends and family is talking about the topics I write about here.

I am a big advocate for approaching health through a rounded, whole body perspective. We aren’t just a brain. We aren’t just a spirit. We aren’t just a body. We are all of these integrated together.

In my opinion you can’t ignore one, and truly flourish in the others.

Disclaimer: This is by no way minimizing people experiences with mental illness where intense therapy or medication is required.

I recently turned 26, and a lot of life has happened in the last decade or so. All of this has lead to my interest in basically becoming your best self.

I kinda hate that phrase to be honest, it’s so over done and inauthentic sounding. Even the word authentic sounds inauthentic nowadays.

meaghan jones from jones creative co and healthfully whole

But, the phrase at it’s core is one- if not thee- most important journey we can make as humans. It bleeds into every single other part of our lives.

There have been a lot of lows. In the last few years I have been the most depressed I’ve ever been, the most anxious, the most overweight, and the most unhappy with my life. But, I’ve also started the slow, painstaking, and rewarding journey to health. It’s been very much two steps forwards, one steps back. There are still many days where it’s really hard.

For some viewing this, you might not have any experience with the above topics.

For some viewing this, you might be deep into depression and anxiety, high or low functioning.

For some viewing this, you might not have started your weight loss journey at all or you might be right in the middle of it.

For some viewing this, you might be looking to live a more slow and unhurried life.

I could go on and on and on.

“My point is that absolutely everyone is welcome here, and you are loved. I’m rooting for you, I’m truly in your corner.”

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    My mission with this blog is simply to empower folks with knowledge, tools, and resources to become their best selves.

    I doubt it, but if anyone want to know things specifically about ME, and not just about why I started this thing than keep reading!

    meaghan jones founder of healthfully whole

    About Me:

    I have a really wide variety of interests, which is reflected in my blogs. Here are some off the top of my head:

    • learning electric guitar
    • the enneagram
    • reading (fiction, non fiction, self help, anything!)
    • journaling
    • hiking and camping and just generally being outdoors (specifically at my cottage we built as a family in my childhood)
    • embroidery and crocheting
    • certain video games (Skyrim, Breath of The Wild, Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, etc)
    • photography, specifically film (my full time job is actually capturing couples sessions, intimate weddings, and elopements with my husband and best friend. Click here to view our photography website!)
    • board games (Specifically Dominion)
    • anything 60s/70s (specifically fashion and music)
    • holistic & healthy living (there are too many things under this banner to count)

    I frickin’ love animals, specifically dogs. But all animals really, and that is one of the main reasons I try to live a plant based lifestyle. 

    I love bonfires and s’mores. Just so much.

    Family is absolutely everything to me. I have had the privilege of growing up with two loving and supportive parents and siblings I love and I never take that for granted. My mom is my hero.

    I love Jesus, deeply. 

    I love travel and I LOVE roadtrips. Roadtrips hold some of the best memories of my life.

    My favorite TV show is Avatar: The Last Airbender (which is way more than a kids show to all you naysayers) and is closely followed up by The Office.

    My favorite movies would include the Lord of The Rings trilogy and a international film called “Remembrance”.

    My favorite bands/artists are Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix, Crosby Still Nash & Young, CCR, etc. My husband and I pretty much exclusively listen to classic rock!

    Slow, lazy mornings and walking barefoot give me life and peace.

    Want to know more?

    About me, my  husband, our story, and the work we do?

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    About Healthfully Whole

    This is a lifestyle blog for women who want to grow and learn and become better versions of themselves. Authenticity is the most important part of this. None of us are perfect, and as Ijeoma Umebinyuo said, “I am too full of life to be half loved.” Thank you for reading.

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