DIY Organic Candle Recipe For Beginners

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Ah, candles.

They add comfort, warmth, and ambiance to your home. But, we all know they can be costly. 

Making your own candles is a little bit more upfront, but you can make a lot more batches and customize each one to your specific preferences.  Since you are buying in bulk, in the end you get a lot more bang for your buck. Which is awesome because a budget is a budget. But a budget doesn’t mean you can’t give amazing and thoughtful gifts to your friends.

The best part of all in my opinion is you know exactly what’s in them. A lot of candle companies intentionally don’t disclose what’s in their candles- scents, colorants, wicks, etc because they are terrible and toxic for you. That’s why you can have total peace of mind making your own! 

These also make wonderful gifts for family and friends. If you know someone’s specific scent preferences you could handmake them the candle of their dreams! How thoughtful. 

meaghan jones founder of healthfully whole
A handmade organic soy candle recipe

What You'll Need:

Click on any of the highlighted ingredients and it will take your to amazon where you can easily purchase them if you don’t already have them!


Equipment & Tools:

  • pot
  • stove 
  • container for candle

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    1. Place the wick.

    Start by placing the wick into the container of your choosing. I love re-using different jars or containers I have left over, it’s budget and earth friendly! Just make sure you are using a container that will do well with the heat! Taking the label off of old empty candle jars is a sure fire (get what I did there? Haha) way to make sure it’ll be okay with all the heat!

    2. Heat the wax.

    Heat up the wax in a pot over your stove and if desired add your fragrance and coloring. If you struggle with stress or anxiety like I do (who doesn’t? haha) the check out this blog I did about 6 Essential Oil Blends For Stress & Anxiety or if you don’t want a blend, and just want one essential oil then check out The Essential Oil Stress Kit (+ FREE printable!) which features individual essential oils that are great for stress & anxiety. I got you.

    P.S. Wash your pot ASAP or you will have one HECK of a time trying to clean out dried wax. You’re welcome.

    3. Transfer to your container.

    Ever so carefully pour out the wax into your container of choice and use the skewers or popsicle sticks to keep the wick in place as it cools and hardens! When it is all cooled down trim your wick tp size. 

    diy organic candle by healthfully whole

    Enjoy friends! Give this as a gift or enjoy yourself! Make sure to take lots of time for self-care and self-love and to love on others! 

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      meaghan jones founder of healthfully whole

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      No spam. Pinky promise. Expect 1-2 emails a month with extra tips & tricks on living well.

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