5 Practices You Should Implement Before Bed to Get Better Sleep

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Sleep. We all need it right?

But, sometimes it’s hard to come by. Your mind is racing, or you have a lot going on, etc.

Whatever your reasons may be for poor sleep, these practices can aid your body in the process of finally drifting off into peaceful sleep.

These practices aren’t a “fix all”, but honestly, there is a lot we can do to assist our brains in this hurried, worried, and digitally addicted society.

When I implement these practices I almost always have a way better night’s sleep than when I don’t.

If you want to pair this with some amazing tools and products to help you get to sleep, check out THIS ARTICLE where I list some awesome options.

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1. Try "bedtime yoga".

I’m not talking about an intense 40 minute power yoga session, although that may work. 

I am talking about a sleepy, stretch, comfortable yoga practice in your PJ’s. Essentially slowing down your body and letting your brain know it’s time to do the same.

I highly recommend “Yoga with Adrienne’s” videos. She is such a genuine soul, and has many videos around the topic of “bedtime yoga”.

Click here to watch one of my favorite of her videos.

A wonderfully thick and grippy mat with nice neutral tones.

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    2. After this, please put your phone to "bed".

    This might sound really odd, even foreign. But please, if there is one practice that will help you tell your body it’s time to sleep, this is probably the biggest one. 

    And, it’s about more than the phone as well. Put away the laptop, turn off the tv, power down the tablet. Whatever you have to do to have a digitally free evening.

    In a digitally addicted age it is more important now more than ever to have boundaries with your phone. 

    A good boundary to have is no technology 2 hours before bed. I suggest physically putting the phone in a different room than the one you sleep it. 

    It sounds severe, but give it a try and follow the practices below instead and see how you sleep.

    Check out this article by the National Sleep Foundation if you need more proof. 

    3. Make a soothing cup of tea.

    Try out a tea with sleep inducing ingredients. To name a few: chamomile tea, Valerian root, lavender, lemon balm, etc.

    I LOVE this kettle. It’s quality, budget friendly, and has multiple heat settings (and trust me, they make a difference.)

    4. Try a relaxing "focal practice."

    Get started or finish up that fiction book you’ve been reading.

    Try watercolor painting or just normal painting or calligraphy.

    Break open that coloring book and get started.

    Process your thoughts and feelings so they don’t keep you awake. Below as my love gift to you I have a beautiful printable with 10 really thought provoking journaling prompts. I also have a whole blog post dedicated to journaling prompts. Click here to check it out.

    Whatever it is, chose to do something that is relaxing to you and that requires skill, patience and attentiveness. 

    This is a great little beginner watercolor paint set to dip your toes in and see if you like it!

    5. End the night by writing in a gratitude journal.

    Do you want more psychological health? Physical health? More empathy? Mental strength? Self-esteem? And top cap it all off, better sleep?

    Yeah, so does every human alive! If you want this kind of whole body health start keeping a gratitude journal and write in it every night before bed.

    Don’t believe me? Check out this study by Psychology Today detailing just how good for you keeping a gratitude journal can be.

    I always love trying out new journals and these vintage sewing pattern journals are too cute.

    As promised, here is the FREE printable!

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