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A huge part of my life is my business I created with my husband where we specialize in photographing couples sessions, elopements, intimate weddings. Our business is Jones Creative Co, check it out here. A part of our photography business is also selling our landscape photography through a gallery service. Check out the shop for prints, greeting cards, calanders, etc. 

The photos are a collection of our favorite landscapes from all over the place.

These photos were taken on both digital and film formats.

Printed in the highest quality labs who specialize in this.

Extremely color accurate and made to last a lifetime.


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This is a lifestyle blog for women who want to grow and learn and become better versions of themselves. Authenticity is the most important part of this. None of us are perfect, and as Ijeoma Umebinyuo said, “I am too full of life to be half loved.” Thank you for reading.

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