7 Tools to Help You Get Better Sleep

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These are some amazing tools and products I’ve gathered over the years and found to be effective in battling a restless night and bad sleep.

There can be so many underlying factors that contribute to bad sleep. Insomnia, too much screen time, and lots of worries just to name a few. 

Whatever may be causing you to have a bad sleep, I encourage you to try and get to the root of the cause. These are just tools, not “cure all’s”.

I also highly suggest combining these tools with our other blog on 5 PRACTICES for a more restful night sleep.

Choosing to take care of yourself in this way and being committed to nourishing your body are really big steps to take, kudos to you.

meaghan jones from jones creative co and healthfully whole

1. Sound Machine

Sound machines are a gift from God. 

If you live in an apartment or condo, or with your noisy family, or are easily awoken I could not recommend this enough.

But, you need to be selective about the sound machine you chose. 

If you choose a bad quality one, everything just sounds like bacon frying. Trust me.

I’ve tested and returned a few different sound machines, and this one by far is the best. 

It’s pricier, but from experience in the sound machine market, you get what you pay for.

According to the Journal of Caring Sciences “Their analysis of the sleepers’ brain waves found that those who slept with the white noise machine were hardly disturbed by the hospital sounds, while sleep arousals were frequent among those who slept without white noise.”

Pretty neat, eh?

The holy grail of sound machines.

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    2. Himalayan Salt Inhaler

    Himalayan Salt Inhalers are known to be great for your lungs and breathing, but, that’s not why we’re here.

    As far as sleep goes, Himalayan salt inhalers have been shown to reduce stress by increasing levels of serotonin in the body. Serotonin is the chemical your brain makes to help relieve stress.

    They also calm your body’s response to stress. Stress generates cortisol, which obstructs the flow of melatonin in the body. Melatonin is your body’s sleep hormone.

    I usually hear the recommendation of breathing in, pausing, and then breathing out deeply for 10 minutes a day. The act of deep breaths for 10 minutes also has an amazing effect on the body.

    A cute lil’ salt inhaler!

    3. Headphones for ASMR/Sound Machine Alternative

    This one is a toss up, but for all of you ASMR loving folks, or for those who can’t afford a sound machine, this can be a good alternative. 

    I wouldn’t recommend these exact ones pictured above that I own. I purchased these years ago when it was a pretty limited market.

    Since then there have been so many improvements to “sleep headphones”, including bluetooth. Yay.

    Bluetooth sleep headphones are amazing!

    a Himalayan salt lamp

    4. Himalayan Salt Lamps

    This one is great recommendation for the hour or so before sleep, and for some during sleep.

    Some people can’t stand any light when they sleep, but for some the warm ambient glow from these lamps is very soothing. 

    The earthy appearance of these is also grounding, just as plants are.

    They come in so many different sizes and shapes. Some of my faves are the Himalayan salt tea candle holders. The beautiful warm glow they produce is so relaxing.

    This is a great sized salt-lamp with a beautiful warm glow.

    5. Essential Oil Diffuser + Calming Blends

    This can be a great addition to your nightly routine. Pop this on just before bed and put in a soothing blend of oils and enjoy the lovely scents as you drift off.

    There are so many great blends out there that are incredibly relaxing and can help to ease your body and mind into sleep.. These are some that I highly recommend and use frequently.

    I love the natural wood of this beautiful difuser.

    6. Blue Light Filter Glasses

    These are also a gift from God.

    And PLEASE do not purchase the cheap, cute looking blue light filter glasses. 

    Check their reviews and it’s flooded with folks who’ve actually tested if they work and generally they don’t.

    Purchase from a reputable brand, one where the product reviews have people who have actually tested to make sure it blocks blue light. 

    These are the pair I landed on. They are more expensive than the cheap, cute ones, and they are honestly really ugly, but they work.

    I’ve tested them myself with the various tests you can use online and use them on an almost daily basis.

    Throw these bad babies on a couple hours before bed and don’t fret about that blue light ruining your nights sleep!

    These aren’t the cutest but they actually work!

    7. Eye Mask

    If you’re anything like me and you are extremely light sensitive when sleeping, then throw these on as you’re falling asleep.

    If your also like me and don’t have black out blinds and the light of dawn wakes you up before you would like to be up, these are great for that too.

    This sleep mask is AMAZING.

    meaghan jones founder of healthfully whole

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